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In Year 6, we are ambitious learners, who participate fully in every lesson by contributing to discussion, building on what our classmates have said and sometimes challenging the thoughts and ideas of others.

We know ourselves as learners, understanding where our strengths lie and which areas we need to develop. Amongst each other, we encourage a thirst for knowledge, which will prepare us well for secondary school and beyond. We take responsibility for self-improvement in order to reach our true potential; we are striving to be independent learners.

Everyone is expected to look after each other as a class community, showing kindness and respect to everyone.

Understanding that we are important role models for younger children in school is an essential aspect of Year 6. We have a responsibility to show our younger peers that we make the right choices and conduct ourselves according to our school caterpillar values.


Here are the children that recorded themselves reading out their poems!

JR Poem Reading

LG Poem Reading

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