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According to recent studies individuals, who are good readers at school, are more likely to earn better wages when they are older and are more likely to be happy. Evidence shows us that those children who engage in either - reading to an adult or listening to an adult read - for 20 minutes a day are more likely to do well. This 'Magic 20' is the basis for our collaboration with parents. We promise to read with your children for 10 minutes every day and we ask parents to do the same.

Please spend time reading with and talking to your child about what they read, and help them to use their Reading Log to record their enjoyment of reading.  Pupils can earn rewards for using their Reading Logs effectively and reading regularly- we do recommend that children should be sharing a book with an adult at home at least four times each week.

As part of everyday practice a RFPS every child will read with someone for at least 10 minutes every day: this could be sharing a class novel with a peer, reading their Reading Stage book or finding knowledge in the broader curriculum. This happens at a time that best suits the rhythm of each particular class.

In the early stages of reading, we teach children to decode words using phonic skills as their main approach, alongside which we teach sight vocabulary.  The children have additional Critical Reading sessions, which focus on developing reading as understanding and comprehension.


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