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To support the children’s handwriting from Foundation Stage to year 6 we use the Kinetic Letters handwriting programme.

This is what is behind the Kinetic Letters ethos…

Automaticity – Formation, orientation and placement of letters becomes automatic which frees up space in the working memory.

Achievement – Fast, legible and fluent handwriting underpins success in every curriculum area.

Confidence – Good handwriting creates a positive initial judgement.

Creativity – When handwriting is automatic, the brain can concentrate on content.

Reading – Writing and reading are reciprocal skills, so improvement in one, helps the other.

Phonics and Spelling – legible handwriting means children can read and correct spelling.

Our Kinetic letters handwriting approach also supports the motor skills area of spelling. Ensuring our children develop a fluent, efficient and legible handwriting style. Kinetic Letters script is taught from Reception onwards through handwriting sessions taught every day. This approach ensures children have a strong body position and are able to form and orientate letters correctly, which develops into an automatic, fluent, and joined style.

Pupils who consistently show the Rectory Farm expectations for handwriting and presentation in all of their books can earn the highly coveted pen license enabling them to use a handwriting pen in their Topic books. Children are also encouraged to produce quality presentation pieces that include art and writing together throughout the year.

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