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The human-animal bond is indeed a special bond worth exploring. At any age, children can benefit from the mutual nurturing relationship between themselves and a pet. Whether it’s in the classroom or the family home, the responsibilities of caring for another living creature can foster healthy relationship habits for children.

Meet Alfie, our Pets as Therapy dog has two main benefits for our children:

Therapeutic Presence

  • The safety and comfort derived from a pet can lessen a child’s stress and anxiety while bolstering a sense of security. Pets are great therapy animals that can aid in the healing process after experiencing trauma or grief.
  • They also can provide a safe outlet for sharing feelings.

Non-Judgmental Reading Practice

Another way animals can help foster good practices is by being a non-judgmental audience. They bring a sense of security and lower the risk of embarrassment and shame many children feel when learning something new.

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